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We Work For You

Want to send an Email to your audience to introduce the Fair Reports? Our worldclass copywriter will write a persuasive launch sequence just the way you want it. Our creative graphic designers will create your Facebook post and any ad for your blog.

Direct Link Tracking

With direct links you can earn commissions without sending your audience through an "affiliate link". Skip the ugly /affiliate/your-podcast link. We track and credit you for the traffic anyway!

Lifetime Commissions

Get credit for your customer referrals no matter when they purchase it! Whether they purchase today, in 6 month or in 5 years, you still get the credit! Instead of saving the referral info in cookie we go way beyond that and can track the visitor even if he deleted his browser history.

Coupon Tracking

If your audience listens to one of your podcasts and vists our website directly, we won't steal your commission. We link you to a unique coupon code and you can guarantee your audience a discount on their Fair Reports purchase.

Affiliate Area

Stay in control with a realtime overview on your own Affiliate dashboard. Check all the numbers, prior or outstanding payments and new advertisement material we create just for you.